Macness Apps Made to Fit. On iPads, iPhones and Macs.

The Dawn of the Consumer Computing

The dawn of the consumer computing. This is how our times are sometimes called. Computers leave offices and home desks and become ubiquitous part of our everyday, every-minute lives. Smart phones, tablets, Internet TV sets, home entertainment centres - consumer electronics is no longer a synonym for one-purpose appliances.

Apps Made to Fit

Apps, small applications that make the consumer computers so useful. Quick to install, straightforward to use. They must fit - into the gadget they live on, and into clouds of already existing services and systems. They hang on the Web. Mostly, they are yet another pieces of preexisting puzzles rather then traditional stand-alone program suites.

Combined Experiences

Compelling user interface is a must. But there is much more that completes the user experience of a successfull app. Properly structured data, seamless integrations. This is where we offer our unique combined experiences that go far beyond the realm of mobile technologies. Over the years we work in the industry we had our hands on and delivered in virtually all principal areas of contemporary information systems.

We do not wrestle the technologies - we use them, we know the craft and deliver.

Pavel Hlavnička & Pavel Kroh